Streaming Music Programming

Set The Right Mood With The Right Music Source

The Power of Music Is Undeniable!

Music creates a connection and sets a mood.  It can motivate, attract and engage. It can be a competitive advantage and a reason for customers to come in and come back.

That’s why Wisconsin Audio Video is partners with MOOD: Wisconsin!  This isn’t something new.  In fact, for over 40 years Wisconsin Audio Video and MOOD: Wisconsin have been helping businesses create that connection with their customers every day!

So, let Wisconsin Audio Video and MOOD: Wisconsin help you use the widest selection of fully licensed commercial background music programming to create an environment that will enhance your brand and build your business.

Add A Soundtrack To Your Business

When it comes to background music for your business, know this…there’s more to creating a music experience than shuffling a playlist of your favorite tunes. That’s why MOOD has music designers around the globe who partner with the world’s leading brands and savvy small businesses. This authentic expertise gives our clients an edge with a potent mix of sound and strategy. Whether you’re looking for affordable background music services or a more customized foreground experience, Wisconsin Audio Video and MOOD: Wisconsin can create just the right music solution for your business and budget.

It’s all by design. From hits-based programs with broad appeal to evocative retro sounds and unexpected niche genres, our business music solutions are licensed for commercial use and designed by experts who combine an incredible knowledge of music with a deep understanding of brands and consumer experience.

MOOD: Wisconsin

See What MOOD: Wisconsin Can Do For Your Business!
of Customers Stated Music ENHANCES Their In-Store Experience!
Commercial FREE | STOP FREE! Just music 100% of the time!

We Are Business Music... PERIOD!

Sick of the interruptions from your “commercial free” XM radio?  Hearing some not so appropriate verbiage coming out of your speakers?  Or, are you still hearing the same songs over and over… and over… and over… from your Pandora?  Is your business really covered for ASCAP and BMI licenses?  MOOD: Music is 100% commercial free and completely interruption free.  In fact, we don’t even employ talking DJs!  When we say business music for your business…  We’ve got you covered and we really mean it!

How It Works

Wisconsin Audio Video and MOOD: Wisconsin offer the widest selection of music solutions in the industry.  Let us partner with you to translate your business or brand into a musical experience that will connect with your target customers.  What does your business sound like? How does it feel?  Who does it include?

  • Increase sales and employee productivity
  • Attract the right customers
  • Impact dwell time
  • Create a competitive advantage
  • Differentiate your brand and build loyalty

Delivery Methods

We can deliver your music solution in many different ways, including IP/Internet, satellite or on-premise media.  You’ll enjoy regular content updates, no external interruptions and the security of knowing that all content has been licensed and vetted through our rigorous screening process for lyrics and subject matter.  Plus, you’ll receive a consistent, high-quality sound experience without skips, blips, volume fluctuations or rough transitions.


100% Commercial FREE and 100% Stop FREE Music. And, nothing inappropriate for your business!


100% Commercial FREE and 100% Stop FREE Music. And, nothing inappropriate for your business!

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