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Streaming Music for Business

Wisconsin Audio Video aka Mood: Wisconsin is your Locally Owned, Independent Mood Media resource to create the ultimate Business Music Customer Experience with Fully Licensed Streaming Music for Business – Custom Music Playlist Solutions – Message on Hold – Digital Signage, the sound of your business needs to be completely in tune with your brand. Good news. We have your business music solution for Streaming Music for Business with Mood Harmony – your next generation Brand Experience Platform. Lean in and take control, or lean back and let Harmony do all the work. The choice is up to you.

No two brands sound exactly alike – or have the same music needs. That’s why Harmony offers multiple programming options  for Streaming Music for Business – Message on Hold – Digital Signage that empower you to deliver a signature sound at any location. Whether you want to set it and forget it or take a hands-on approach, Harmony has you covered with unmatched flexibility – all backed by the industry’s most reliable and versatile music for business technology.

Whether you want to set it and forget it or take a hands-on approach, Harmony has you covered with unmatched flexibility and a world of programming options for Streaming Music – Message on Hold – Digital Signage  – all backed by the industry’s most reliable and versatile music for business technology. Equipped with music fully-licensed for business use.

  • Multiple Programming Options
  • Simple Scheduling
  • No ads or interruptions
  • Intuitive web-based app and mobile friendly access
  • Maximum Reliability, seamless playback
  • ALL MUSIC FULLY-LICENSED for business use

Enjoy the #1 music solution designed specifically for business. See why more business owners choose Mood Harmony.

  • RELAX. Fully licensed with no ads or interruptions. All music screened for lyrics and certified for business use.
  • CUSTOMIZE. Create your own mixes. Build your own stations. Access a library of 150+ professionally designed playlists. The options are endless.
  • SCHEDULE. Create custom dayparts. Schedule as many playlists as you like for different days of the week and various times of day.
  • CONTROL. Manage your music with ease. Control access. Zero in on one location, or push updates across your entire footprint. It’s all a breeze with our mobile friendly web-app.



Powered by Mood Media
Pandora for Business

Pandora for Business is Mood Media’s un-supported, do it yourself, option for background music in your small business. When you’re running a business, you may not have time to learn or manage more sophisticated media players.. Fortunately, Mood: Front Range, your locally owned Mood Media office has partnered Pandora for Business  top make music easy.


  • Sign up
  • Connect your Player
  • Activate your Player
  • Connect to your existing Pandora personal account

Licensing 101
No matter what industry you serve, federal copyright law requires you to secure the proper licensing rights to play music in your business. Obtaining those rights on your own can be complex and confusing, costing you frustration, time and money. There’s an easier and affordable way.

When you use Pandora for Business powered by Mood Media, your music is already fully licensed for standard business use. Mood Media works with performing rights agencies such as ASCAP, BMI and SESAC to obtain those licensing rights for you on your behalf. Just enjoy great music and keep doing what you do best.

Get peace of mind and save time and money with Pandora for Business.

The Signature Sound of your Brand Built Track by Track... By Design
Go Custom

Harmony also supports Custom Playlist created by our professional Music Designers. Our highest level of human curation, each playlist is built to create a sound your customers won’t hear anywhere else. We’ll pair you with a dedicated Music Designer to collaborate, create and regularly update your soundtrack. The result is a brilliant reflection of your brand – and an unforgettable Customer Experience. Work with a professional Music Design expert to develop a signature Custom Playlist program that’s exclusive to your brand. Our highest level of customization allows you to build stronger brand associations and connect with customers on a more personal and emotional level. We’ll connect you with a professional Music Designer who will work to discover your brand’s unique needs, personality, customer base and in-store atmosphere. With a deep understanding of your brand, we’ll build a custom music program track-by-track from the industry’s largest library, leveraging years of branding expertise and an unparalleled passion for music. From there, we’ll fine-tune the playlist to your liking, ensuring that it’s nothing short of perfect.

  • Consultative services with our professional Music Designers
  • Custom music playlist that is fully licensed for commercial use, screened for lyrics and content, and 100% interruption-free
  • Yearly program adjustment to address your changing business needs
  • Online management, scheduling and automatic updates
  • Delivered and updated seamlessly
  • Supported by a locally owned and operated Mood Media Office


Wisconsin Audio Video aka Mood: Wisconsin

We Have a team of certified designers ready to provide a FREE consultation with you on the right products for your business. We operate in and around Madison, WI Eau Claire, WI, Wausau, WI, Milwaukee, WI,  Dubuque, IA,  Galena, IL and Rockford, IL

Additionally, Commercial Audio Video is part of the MOOD: Media National Service Network of service making our installation professionals talents unrivaled in the industry. We have more than 450 professional technicians who can mount, connect and set up all equipment for any location across the country.